April 2017

MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF CHARMOUTH PARISH COUNCIL HELD AT THE ELMS ON TUESDAY 25TH APRIL 2017 PRESENT: Richard Acton, Graham Bender, David Clifford, Judy Fellingham, Peter Noel, Paul Oatway, Martin Sayers, Richard Salisbury, Judith Sheppard, Chris Shirley-Smith IN ATTENDANCE: Melissa Kirkby - Deputy Clerk; County / District Councillor - Daryl Turner; District Councillor - George Symonds; three members of the public 220/17 APOLOGIES None received. 221/17 DECLARATION OF INTEREST The Chairman reminded the Council of the need for individuals to declare an interest on either of the two types of interest as set out below. a) On items on the agenda, and b) On gifts greater than £50 in value – there were no declarations. 222/17 PUBLIC PARTICIPATION The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and invited the following people to address the meeting:- Mr Tritton read to the meeting an email that he had previously sent to the Clerk and had been forwarded to all councillors. The content of which was the Traders’ concerns regarding the possible purchase of the United Reform Church building by the Council. Mr Forsey spoke to the meeting to agree with Mr Tritton’s statement and also add his view that a soft play area was not a viable option. 223/17 DORSET COUNTY COUNCIL ISSUES Cllr Daryl Turner updated the Council on issues relating to the County Council: Future Dorset continues to look at the way forward and how they can work with Town and Parish Councils via DAPTC who have received additional funding from DCC to help co-ordinate an approach and collect views. Unitary decision from the Secretary of State was due the day after the atrocities in Westminster, but because of the incident, that release was not forthcoming. The County Council Pre-Election Period delayed this further and now the General Election will delay the decision until after June 2017. The timetable for elections to a unitary authority in May 2019 remains in place. Pre-election period started on 27th March, County Elections 4th May 2017. 224/17 WEST DORSET DISTRICT COUNCIL ISSUES Cllr George Symonds added that WDDC have funds which parish councils may apply for, to help with projects.   225/17 MINUTES OF THE MEETING HELD ON 28 MARCH 2017 RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 28 March 2017 be approved with no corrections. 226/17 MINUTES OF THE EXTRAORDINARY MEETING HELD ON 18 APRIL 2017 RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 18 April 2017 be approved with no corrections. 227/17 MATTERS ARISING FROM THE EXTRAORDINARY MEETING MINUTES 1. United Reform Church Cllr Oatway thanked Mr Tritton for sending his comments in advance. The surveyor’s report of the United Reform Church had been forwarded to all Councillors. Cllr Oatway had updated the Draft Business Plan to take account of this report and circulated it to all Councillors. He then explained the contents to the meeting. The financial aspects were to be discussed ‘In Committee’. Cllr Noel thanked Cllr Oatway for the time he had spent on this matter. The Chairman thanked the public contributors and the public then left the meeting. 228/17 FORESHORE COMMITTEE (Meeting held on 3 April 2017) 1. Following comments made at the March Council Meeting, the policy statement for Casual Boat Launching had been revised to remove ambiguity. It was therefore RESOLVED that the revised Casual Boat Launching Policy Statement (Issue 2), attached as Appendix A to the Foreshore Minutes of 3 April 2017, be approved. 2. Due to the General Election there is no sitting MP for the constituency. Therefore it was RESOLVED that the Foreshore Committee write to the Member of Parliament for Charmouth after the General Election of June 2017, to request that he or she instigate a review of the Shoreline Management Plan 2. 3. A request from National Coast Watch had been received for them to use a marquee at their official opening ceremony. RESOLVED that the Foreshore Committee is to make the decision as to the size and location of the NCI marquee on 10th June 2017. 229/17 PLAYING FIELD, CEMETERY AND STREET MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE (Meeting held on 4th April 2017) 1. Pavilion Showers Refurbishment Cllr Sayers reported that the application for funding was not going well. However the Football Club had offered £500 towards the cost of the improvements. 2. Barrs Lane The resurfacing to Barrs Lane had taken place that day. 3. Devonedge Development Fence Following a meeting between the Facilities Manager, Cllr Sayers, Cllr Clifford and Planning Officers of West Dorset District Council on 29th March 2017. It was RESOLVED that railings be installed in accordance with the conditions discussed with the builder (Proposal 1 attached to the draft Playing Field, Cemetery and Street Management Committee Minutes, April 2017) to delineate the boundary between the Playing Fields and the Devonedge development. 230/17 PLANNING COMMITTEE (Meeting held on 11th April 2017) The minutes of the meeting had been circulated and the following applications had been received and commented on: 1. WD/D/16/002782 1 Barneys Close Remove existing hipped roof and erect first floor extension - No Objection 2. WD/D/17/000735 Liddon Field, Lower Sea Lane Erect extension and alterations - No Objection 3. WD/D/17/000473 1-4 The Old School House, Lower Sea Lane Replacement of windows and doors - No Objection 4. WD/D/17/000703 The Leas, Higher Sea Lane Erect conservatory, extend patio and alterations - No Objection 5. WD/D/17/000630 3 Grange Villas, The Street Extensions and refurbishments; including rear extensions, loft conversion, skylights and removal of a chimney - No Objection 6. WD/D/17/000751 Blue Haze, Higher Sea Lane Erect extension and alterations - No Objection 7. WD/D/17/000785 Stonehayes, 4 Westcliff Road Remove existing roof structure and replace with a new floor level incorporating a first floor level. Erect a single storey extension to the east with a balcony above. Install a terrace off the new first floor level. Replace windows throughout the whole property and modernise external appearance of building - No Objection   231/17 FINANCE AND GENERAL PURPOSES COMMITTEE (held on 11th April 2017) 1. Accounts for Approval HMRC (PAYE) 1,782.52 Travis Perkins 68.57 JRB 651.60 Kitson and Trotman 1,482.00 A J Supplies 552.00 Francis Bugler 8.62 Prospect Garage 97.67 Ebay 64.92 Moneysoft 78.00 Bridport Glass and Tile 15.60 Crewkerne Horticultural 1,701.43 Orona 536.04 Mole Avon Trading Ltd 36.18 SLCC 300.00 HMRC (VAT) 296.11 CM Flux 77.96 Jeff Prosser 92.33 Paul Baker 190.00 8,031.55 RESOLVED that the Accounts for Approval for April 2017 be accepted and approved. 2. Report of Accounts £ £ £ Current Ac Deposit Ac Cash Book Balance at 28 February 2017 21,699.53 146,135.36 Income: Transfer to Current Account 15,000.00 Pavilion Elec/Cem Fees 430.00 Foreshore - Rents/Car Park/Beach Huts etc 9,765.93 Elms Rent/MH Room/Services 2,049.36 Interest 16.82 12,245.29 Expenditure: Transfer from Deposit Account 0.00 15,000.00 Accounts paid in March (inc PAYE) 7,509.82 BandCE Holdings Ltd (Pensions) 186.32 Cornwall College 370.00 8,066.14 Direct Debits: Santander charges 21.84 BT - Main Office Phone 36.68 BT - Fsh Office 31.66 BT - Fsh Emergency Phone 32.88 BT - Broadband 90.00 Bristol Wessex (Foreshore) 20.50 WDDC - Foreshore/Cemetery Rates 0.00 WDDC - Elms Rates 0.00 DCC - Foreshore/Cemetery Bins 262.00 British Gas - Elms 0.00 EDF Energy - Foreshore 233.54 EDF Energy - Elms 69.00 EDF Energy - Playing Field Pavilion 0.00 EDF Energy - Depot 13.00 EDF Energy - Cemetery Chapel 0.00 Public Works Loan Board 627.38 Wages - Net 8,537.76 HMRC (VAT) 0.00 9,976.24 Cash Book Balance at 31 March 2017 30,902.44 131,152.18 Represented by: Bank Santander 30,902.44 Working 37,628.02 Contingency 421.04 Earmarked Reserve 93,103.12 Business Deposit Account 131,152.18 Nat West Account 1,000.00 Nat West Savers Account 2,406.80 RESOLVED that the Report of Accounts for March 2017 be accepted and approved. 3. The Clerk’s report for April had been circulated to the Councillors and it was RESOLVED that the Clerk’s report for April 2017 be accepted and approved. 4. Monthly Accounts Following circulation of the monthly spreadsheets it was RESOLVED that the monthly accounts for March 2017 be accepted and approved.   5. End of Year Financial Report The issue of the remaining surplus would be looked at by the Chair and Vice Chair of Finance Committee and a recommendation made in due course. RESOLVED to accept the end of year financial report and earmarked reserves as at 31/3/17 and proposed that the recommendations made to transfer/carry forward certain unspent budgets as set out be agreed. 6. Review of Standing Orders Cllr Oatway confirmed that he had reviewed the Standing Orders with regard to the removal of the Executive Committee and had clarified the first item on the Annual Meeting Agenda regarding the appointment of a Chair and Vice Chair. In addition, Cllr Oatway had looked at the Financial Regulations in view of dealing with urgent financial issues. Following earlier circulation to all Councillors, a schedule of changes to the Standing Orders and Financial regulations it was RESOLVED that the following changes be made to the Standing Orders and Financial Regulations. SO Number 4(d))(i) - Removal of the Executive Committee and subsequent renumbering of the subsequent sub-clauses. SO Number 5(d) - The first business conducted at the annual meeting of the Council shall be the election of the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Council from amongst the elected members of the Council. SO Number 5(d) - Add a foot note after the words ‘elected member’ that reads ‘For the avoidance of doubt the term ‘elected members’ includes co-opted members as once they have been co-opted they become included in the term ‘elected members’ FR 4.5 - In cases of extreme risk to the delivery of Council services the clerk or, during any period of absence including out of the Clerk’s working hours, the Chairman of the Finance Committee in conjunction with either the Council’s Chairman or the Chairman of the appropriate committee, may authorise revenue expenditure on behalf of the Council which in the clerk's or in the absence of the clerk, the Chairman of the Finance Committee’s judgement it is necessary for the work to carry out. Such expenditure includes repair, replacement or other work, whether or not there is any budgetary provision for the expenditure, subject to a limit of £10,000. The Clerk shall report such action to the chairman of the Finance Committee and the appropriate Committee chairman as soon as possible and to the Council as soon as practicable thereafter. In this sub-clause the term Chairman means either the Chairman or in the absence of the chairman, the Vice-chairman. 7. Factory Roof Windows Following receipt of a number of quotes for the work to the CHCC building it was RESOLVED that the quote from C Blackwell be accepted and an additional £300 be approved for additional scaffolding tiers to enable painting of the south elevation of the building by the Council staff. 8. Elms Guttering A report had been received from the Facilities Manager to tidy up the front of the Elms. The cheapest quote for scaffolding together with the material costs and the use of Council staff to carry out the work would amount to approximately £750 plus VAT. Therefore it was RESOLVED that an amount of up to £900 (to allow for unforeseen extras) be approved from Earmarked Reserve GEN4. 9. Policy Statement – Flag Flying Following a query, Cllr Oatway had investigated the correct procedures for flag flying and he read his previously circulated report to the meeting. It was then RESOLVED that the circulated draft policy statement on flag flying be approved. 10. The Elms Garden A costing had been received from Cllr Bender to re-plant the Elms garden. This price had been obtained through Groves Nurseries and allowed for mushroom compost, membrane, bark chips and a variety of low maintenance, all year round plants and is a “one off” cost, not on-going. Cllr Noel had spoken to the Twinning Association who confirmed that they wanted the tree and plaque that is located in the right-hand side garden to remain but that they had no objection to the Council carrying out any other works. It was therefore RESOLVED that an amount up to £700 plus VAT be allowed from the carried forward amount of £140 from the current plants budget and the remainder (up to £560) from the new budget for Elms ongoing maintenance. 232/17 Annual Parish Meeting Cllr Noel circulated a draft Parish Meeting leaflet to the meeting and summarised the contents. This included sections on the staff, regular works, projects and costings. The Deputy Clerk queried the office opening hours that the leaflet listed. It was therefore RESOLVED that the draft leaflet be approved for printing and distributing to residents of Charmouth, subject to an amendment to office hours. 233/17 Inviting Groups to Committee Meetings Cllr Noel spoke to the meeting about trying to include the residents of the village in the Council decision process. A discussion took place about how best to invite relevant groups to the meetings without creating too much work for the office. RESOLVED that the Chair of each committee collate and maintain a list of local groups relevant to their committee area and that each group be invited to add to the agenda or attend each committee meeting. 234/17 REPORTS FROM NOMINATED REPRESENTAVIES ATTENDING MEETINGS ON BEHALF OF COUNCIL There were none. 235/17 CORRESPONDENCE AND COMMUNICATIONS APRIL 2017 The following emails were received:- • Meeting with BLAP for local Parish Councils to share ideas re: changes to local government structure. Three questions asked. (Council response in red). 1. What are the main issues (challenges or opportunities) for your Council from any potential move to a unitary authority? Any move of services should have matching funding. There should be compensation for any repairing leases passed on. 2. Would your Council wish to or be able to take on services/assets that may be considered for delegation by a unitary authority? Yes, depending on terms and obligations. 3. Would your Council support joint working with other local parish and town councils in the Bridport area, co-ordinated by BLAP, to share information and hopefully help all our local councils prepare for a unitary authority? Yes, although this Council is in the Bridport area group, Charmouth is more able to work with and have things in common with Lyme Regis. • Meeting with BLAP Parish Council - Note from the BLAP Chair – BLAP • Planning/Development Management customer survey, reminder - WDDC • Lyme Regis Fossil Festival 2017 – Jurassic Coast Team • Induction training for new councillors - the basics; new course available to book on 20th May 2017 - DAPTC • BLAP Bulletin 13.04.17 • Great Dorset Beach Clean – Dorset Coast Forum • Defibrillator Training Taking Place In The Village – Steve Postles • Praise for foreshore email– a resident • Dorset Coast Forum ENews - April 2017 • CHCC Annual Report 2016 – CHCC, J Rose • FW: Temporary Traffic Regulation Order - Stonebarrow Lane, Charmouth – Dorset Highways • Events, Opportunities and News from the Jurassic Coast – Jurassic Coast Team • Presentations from the 2017 Annual Conference have now be uploaded onto the Members Area of the DAPTC Website - DAPTC • £5.6 Million boost for the Dorset Coastal Connections project along the Dorset coast , LymeForward CCT secure significant funding for local projects - Lyme Forward • Dorset Coastal Connections project - CCF announcement – Dorset Coast Fourm • Forthcoming roadworks, A35 Hunters Lodge junction improvement – Kier Services (Highways) • FW: Rural road repairs and money for community transport - Daryl Turner forwarded email from Dorset County Council • You can help to shape the Jurassic Coast’s Future – Jurassic Coast Trust   Letters were received from: • Charmouth Local History Society – The Village Echo booklet • Countryside Voice magazine • Campaign to Protect Rural England – Field Work magazine • Your Dorset newspaper – DCC • LCR magazine – NALC 236/17 EXCHANGE OF INFORMATION 1. Cllr Noel had been asked to send a letter of thanks on behalf of the Council to Hazel Robinson for her work at the Library. RESOLVED that Cllr Sayers draft a letter of thanks, to be sent by the Chairman Cllr Noel, on behalf of the Council to Hazel Robinson. 2. Cllr Richard Salisbury informed the meeting of his resignation from the Council. All the Councillors thanked him for his valuable contribution and wished him well. 237/17 IN COMMITTEE RESOLVED that the Council go In Committee. 1. United Reform Church Building Cllr Oatway presented the financial aspects of the Draft Business Plan. After discussion about the costs of various uses, it was evident that although the Council had concerns that the building would be bought and used as a second home, the project may be more than the finances of the Council could manage with associated risks. It was RESOLVED that the Council would not proceed any further with a possible purchase of the United Reform Church building. The meeting closed at 9.32p.m. Signed ……………………………………………………. Dated ……………………………………………………..