January 2016

1581 MINUTES OF A MEETING OF CHARMOUTH PARISH COUNCIL HELD AT THE ELMS ON TUESDAY 19 JANUARY 2016 PRESENT: Graham Bender, David Clifford, Peter Noel, Paul Oatway, Andy Peters, Richard Salisbury, Martin Sayers, Chris Shirley-Smith County/District Councillor Daryl Turner District Councillor George Symonds PCSO John Burton The Chair, Peter Noel, wished everyone a Happy New Year. 1/16 APOLOGIES Apologies were received from Jim Greenhalgh (holiday), Deborah Gildersleeves (unwell) and Tim Holmes (personal). 2/16 DECLARATION OF INTEREST The Chairman reminded the Council of the need for individuals to declare an interest on either of the two types of interest as set out below. (a) In items on the agenda – there were no declarations in items on the agenda. (b) On gifts greater than £50 in value – there were no declarations. 3/16 PUBLIC PARTICIPATION 1. PCSO John Burton updated the Council on crime in Charmouth over the last month. 2. Paul Oatway extended the Councils thanks to PCSO Burton for attending the Remembrance Sunday Parade and stated that the attendance of all the emergency services was very welcome. 4/16 DORSET COUNTY COUNCIL ISSUES Daryl Turner updated the Council on issues relating to the County Council: • “Shaping Dorset’s Future” which involves a group of members and officers looking at Governance in the future and the effects of possible double devolution. • Budgets – the fact that following the Government’s announcement in December, Dorset CC came off worse than any other County Council in the country. All the leaders and CEOs of Councils together with MPs have been to London to see Greg Clarke. • Bus Service Subsidies Consultation – a further half a million pounds has to be saved. This does not affect Charmouth as much as more rural communities. • Youth Service Consultation – again this does not affect Charmouth particularly. • Double Yellow Lines – with 200 TRO applications outstanding and a budget for approximately 20 per year, only the highest priority will be approved. 5/16 WEST DORSET DISTRICT COUNCIL ISSUES Daryl Turner also updated the Council on current issues from the District Council: • Budgets – it was reported today at the District Council that the financial position is worse than envisaged and more information is awaited. • Service reviews – ongoing update. 1/7 1582 • Graham Bender asked about Thorncombe running their own car service and Daryl confirmed that an initial injection from POPP had started it off. This is a “paid for” service with the booking office being run by the Parish Councillors. George Symonds reported on Planning issues: • Garden Cottage – the appeal has been dismissed. • Knapp House – a site visit is to be held for members and officers only. This will not consider the highway issues which were considered dealt with by DCC at the recent meeting. Peter Noel asked if the Police are consulted on planning applications in general and it was confirmed that as planning issues are dealt with by traffic management orders, this is covered by DCC who are responsible for road safety. The Police are now responsible for enforcement only. 6/16 MINUTES OF THE MEETING HELD ON 15 DECEMBER 2015 No corrections were received and it was proposed by Richard Salisbury, seconded by David Clifford and RESOLVED that the minutes of the Meeting held on 15 December 2015 be approved as a true record and signed by the Chair. 7/16 MATTERS ARISING FROM THE MINUTES There were no matters arising from the minutes. 8/16 FORESHORE COMMITTEE (Meeting held on 5 January 2016) 1. Following circulation of the latest Beach Management Plan with the minutes, it was proposed by Paul Oatway, seconded by Graham Bender and RESOLVED that the Beach Management Plan be approved as a draft for consultation with the relevant organisations (Natural England, Jurassic Coast World Heritage Team etc). The final plan will be brought back to Council for approval in due course. 2. Following a request from the National Coast Watch to erect signage etc as set out in the Foreshore minutes, it was noted that Listed Building Consent would be required and discussions were required with regard to the details of the flag pole in particular. Martin Sayers and Chris Shirley-Smith declared an interest and it was proposed by Paul Oatway, seconded by David Clifford and RESOLVED that the Council approve the requests from the National Coast Watch in principle, in respect of the lookout building, subject to discussions to deal with the detail. Following a comment from Chris Shirley-Smith about the frustration of the time taken to work through the bureaucracy, Peter Noel stated that as a local authority things cannot be rushed and the proper processes have to be followed more than ever. 3. It was reported that since the meeting, confirmation had been received from St Andrews Community Hall that storage space can be made available for the flood supplies. The Flood Wardens are to contact the Hall Committee to arrange this. Paul Oatway also wished to commend the work of Graham Bender over the Christmas period with regard to flood watch and Peter Noel stated that both Graham and Paul had done an excellent job of ensuring that flood warnings were monitored and he hopes the situation with the gauging station can be sorted out to make the information more accurate. 2/7 1583 4. Finally, Peter Noel reminded the Council of the Beach Clean undertaken by residents and friends of the village over the previous weekend when a very large quantity of rubbish was collected in extremely damp conditions. This initiative, led by Clare Reeves, is very much appreciated by Councillors and Parish Council staff alike. This sentiment would be publicised on facebook (PO) and Jim Greenhalgh would be asked to prepare a press release after the next beach clean organised by the HCC to be held on 30 January. 9/16 PLAYING FIELD AND CEMETERY COMMITTEE ISSUES (No meeting held in January) 1. Andy Peters stated that a Sub-Committee needed to be set up to consider the several ongoing traffic issues which have occurred, namely the proposal for a 20mph limit for Axminster Road and the request for double yellow lines outside the Little Tea Gardens. This Committee would report back through the Playing Field and Cemetery Committee and it was agreed that Chris Shirley-Smith, Graham Bender and Martin Sayers would sit on it. 2. David Clifford reported that a new version of the Child Protection Policy would be circulated shortly for consideration at the next Playing Field Committee in March. 10/16 PLANNING COMMITTEE (Meeting held on12 January 2016) The minutes of the meeting had been circulated. The following applications had been received and commented on: 1. Application No. WD/D/15/002806 Corners, Five Acres Erect single storey extensions to provide new entrance and bedroom to replace garage and rear porch and kitchen dining room on the East side with balconies. The Committee agreed to raise an objection to the planning application on the grounds of excessive development of the site and that the scale of development is not in keeping with the surrounding properties. 2. Paul Oatway reported that he and David Clifford has attended the Development Control Committee at WDDC to speak on the Knapp House application. This had been deferred for a site visit as reported by George Symonds. 3. Paul Oatway reported that he and the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group are very grateful for the admin support offered by the office. A further meeting of the Steering Group will take place on 22 February 2016. 11/16 TOURISM COMMITTEE (Meeting held on 12 January 2016) 1. Andy Peters reported that still no Chair has been appointed of this Committee as there were insufficient members present. 2. Andy Peters reported that Chris Shirley-Smith is making headway contacting the advertisers of the Charmouth Guide. 12/16 FINANCE COMMITTEE (Meeting held on 12 January 2016) 1. Following circulation of the payments for approval for January approved by the Finance Committee, additions had been made and it was proposed by Peter Noel, seconded by Andy Peters and 3/7 1584 RESOLVED that the payments for January be noted together with the additions which were approved for payment. HMRC (PAYE) 1,544.73 HMRC (VAT) 356.37 Bridport Building Supplies 137.87 Fowler Hire and Sales 82.08 Towergate Insurance 278.48 PC World 249.97 Weller Scaffolding 81.60 BH Chapman & Sons 35.00 Prospect Garage 124.46 Mole Avon 3.70 Wessex Water 203.92 Bridport Glass and Tile 46.39 Swift Signs 40.20 Argos 14.99 View From Lyme Regis 303.77 Charmouth Central 24.00 3,527.53 2. Following circulation of the report of Accounts for December and the Clerk’s Report it was proposed by Andy Peters, seconded by Martin Sayers and RESOLVED that the Report of Accounts for December and the Clerk’s Report for December be accepted and approved. £ £ £ Current Ac Deposit Ac Cash Book Balance at 30 November 2015 44,291.42 100,705.97 Income: Foreshore - Rents/Car Park/Services 1,160.46 Elms Rent/MH Room 190.31 Interest 33.11 1,350.77 Expenditure: Accounts paid in Dec (inc PAYE) 4,605.59 CHCC donation 100.00 4,705.59 Direct Debits: Santander charges 23.00 BT - Main Office Phone 0.00 BT - Fsh Office 0.00 BT - Fsh Emergency Phone 39.13 BT - Broadband 84.00 Wessex Water Authority (Foreshore) 95.50 WDDC - Foreshore/Cemetery Rates 1,085.00 WDDC - Elms Rates 238.00 DCC - Foreshore Bins 226.48 British Gas - Elms 97.00 EDF Energy - Foreshore 200.00 EDF Energy - Elms 80.00 EDF Energy - Playing Field Pavilion 1.00 EDF Energy - Depot 14.00 EDF Energy - Cemetery Chapel 29.00 Public Works Loan Board 0.00 Wages - Net 7,745.47 9,957.58 Cash Book Balance at 31 December 2015 30,979.02 100,739.08 Represented by: Bank Santander 30,979.02 Working 12,727.87 Contingency 421.04 Earmarked Reserve 87,590.17 Business Deposit Account 100,739.08 Nat West Account 1,000.00 Nat West Savers Account 2,405.66 3. Following circulation of the monthly spreadsheets for December 2015, it was proposed by Peter Noel, seconded by David Clifford and RESOLVED that the December 2015 spreadsheet accounts be accepted and approved. Paul Oatway drew Councillors attention to the Foershore income tracker attached to the accounts and it was noted that the car park takings were consistently higher than the previous years in the months leading up to December which would indicate that the jamming of buttons has not caused a significant problem. 4. It was proposed by Andy Peters, seconded by Peter Noel and RESOLVED that the quote from Thorn Tree Design to design and re-print the existing tourist guide, amounting to £2730 plus VAT, be accepted. 5/7 1586 13/16 ANNUAL PARISH MEETING 2016 Dates were discussed to avoid the Easter Holiday and ensure that the Community Hall is available. It was agreed that either 21 or 28 April would be a good choice (subsequently this has been booked for Thursday 28 April at 7.30pm). It was agreed that the leaflet delivered to all households in the previous 2 years was productive in encouraging people to attend and it was agreed that Peter Noel, David Clifford and Andy Peters form a sub-committee to put together a similar leaflet. It was agreed that speakers to be invited would be the Primary School Governors/PTA; 1st Charmouth Brownies and Guides; The Bopper Bus. As in previous years, speakers will be limited to 5 minutes. 14/16 FEBRUARY MEETINGS Peter Noel reported that traditionally there has been no meetings in February and it was proposed by Peter Noel, seconded by Andy Peters and RESOLVED that only the Planning Committee would be scheduled to be held in February but this would be postponed if no applications had been received. If an emergency occurs, an Executive Committee would be called. Notices would be placed on the website, facebook and the notice board. 15/16 REPRESENTATIVES OF EXTERNAL ORGANISATIONS 1. Richard Salisbury reported that he and Paul Oatway had attended the recent meeting of the CHCC Trustees and a full written report would follow. 16/16 CORRESPONDENCE AND COMMUNICATIONS 1. A thank you letter has been received from CHCC for the donation towards the repairs to the disabled access ramp. Richard Salisbury reported that this was now going ahead. 2. Correspondence has been received from Ms Clements of Little Tea Gardens regarding a request for double yellow lines outside the property to avoid parking across the pedestrian access. It was agreed that this should be referred to the new sub-Committee and decide whether to recommend this proposal to DCC. 3. Details have been received from DAPTC regarding nomination of Town and Parish Mayors/Chairs to attend a Royal Garden Party on 19 May. It was proposed by Paul Oatway, seconded by David Clifford and RESOLVED that Peter and Teresa Noel be nominated to attend. 4. Notice has been received from Jane Morrow regarding the Spring issue of Shoreline and the deadline for articles of 5 February. Jim Greenhalgh, as press officer, to be asked to co-ordinate an article. 5. Information has been received from DAPTC about Groundwater Warning Areas and this was passed to Graham Bender and Paul Oatway in their roles as Flood Warden and Deputy. 6. Details of the Bridport Area and Dorchester Market Car Boot fund were received from Daryl Turner and are available to be forwarded. 7. Copies of correspondence has been received between Mr Coombe and DCC regarding the proposal to permanently close the footpath adjacent to the river from the beach to Stonebarrow Lane. This is ongoing. 6/7 1587 8. More leaflets and information have been received about superfast broadband. These have been distributed. 9. Information about new CAB Volunteer Training has been received from BLAP and is available to be forwarded if anyone is interested. 10. Dorset Highways “Winter Service Policy”, together with the Highways Maintenance Plan have been received and is available to be forwarded. 11. Details of driver refresher training for drivers over 70 have been received via BLAP and circulated to appropriate groups. 12. Information has been received from DCC regarding the Speed Indicator Device programme and the new criteria which means that one of the sites currently used in Charmouth, no longer qualifies. SIDs are available to be purchased by Parishes for their own use. 13. Details of the consultation on Rural Bus Services have been received from various sources and circulated to Councillors also. 14. A copy of the County Councillors report of upcoming roadworks in the area has been received from Daryl Turner and is available to be forwarded. 15. Details of the Dorset Police Council Tax Consultation has been received from LRDT and is available to forward. 16. Details of the decision by DCC regarding the future of Youth Centres and Club has been received and is available to read. 17. DCC Press Release has been received via Daryl Turner regarding the Plan for Bridport Hub. This is available to read. 18. DCF E-News for December and January have been received and are available to read. 19. Projects for the Dorset Coastal Community Team Economic Plan are being sought by DCF. 20. December Minutes for Lyme Forward have been received and are available to read. 21. Defra Access Newsletter Edition No. 71 has been received and is available to read. 17/16 EXCHANGE OF INFORMATION 1. David Clifford reported that with regard to HR issues, Melissa Kirkby had been appointed to the new position of Deputy Clerk with effect from 4 April. The Office Assisant advert, together with the Works Maintenance Assistant advert were out and it is expected that appointments would be made in the next couple of weeks. There were no “In Committee” items and the meeting closed at 8.40pm. Signed ……………………………………………………. Dated …………………………………………………….. 7/7